Paragon Technologies(Taiwan Stock Exchange | Stock Code 3518) was established in 1995 as the world’s first company to apply vacuum sputtering thin film technology to EMI/ESD solutions for 3C products. It is also the first vacuum sputtering technology company listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

In 2008, Paragon Technologies entered the automotive industry by providing coating services for wheel rims. This not only broke the design limitations of wheel rim appearance but also met the quality certification requirements of car manufacturers and the demand for premium customization services from consumers. Its customers are spread across Asia, Europe, and North America.

In 2019, Paragon Technologies introduced more advanced coating technology for 3C product exteriors. With the advantage of integrating technology and processes, it can deliver excellent results such as fine metallic texture, gradient effects, and light sensitivity on different substrates (metal, plastic, glass, film, etc.), fully satisfying customers’ specific requirements. In anticipation of the 5G era, Beton Technology’s non-metal coating technology has become the preferred choice for customers.

Paragon Technologies expertise covers a wide range of applications, and its passion for technology drives continuous improvement and innovation. The company is committed to providing diversified product appearance coating services.